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Terms of use set forth below is to regulate the use of the services provided by the site ahloo.com. Users are advised to read carefully as it affects the rights and obligations under the law. By registering for or using the site ahloo.com, then the user is deemed to have read, understood, understood and agree to all of the content in terms of use.

Applicable Provision

  1. ahloo can connect you with your family and your friends. With ahloo you can also share photos, videos, locations, etc.
  2. ahloo provides news, information and photos about topics that are going on in people's lives both from within or outside the country. Articles and photos in it include lifestyle issues, business growth, social development, technological advances to automotive.
  3. ahloo visitors have the right to conduct read, share and make comments any any article or media we provide in form of sharing media.
  4. The user is not entitled to commercialization activities or using the materials presented in ahloo, with or without confirmation from ahloo administrator and not including ahloo site as a source of information.
  5. ahloo have the right to advise the user to connect in media activity is a subscription basis. Visitors who provide their email address to us automatically will we enter into the activities of subscribing, we will provide periodic updates.
  6. ahloo is not responsible for the content that has been uploaded, and ahloo is not responsible if there is an infringement related matters.
  7. ahloo had right to conduct activities related to the content and the delivery of information to all user or member who have been connected in ahloo.
  8. Users have access to discontinue its membership to the email newsletters given by ahloo with unsubscribe via the user's inbox.
  9. In addition, the use of ahloo social media also listed as an extension of ahloo service.
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